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Therapy is a place to heal.
After Therapy® is where you go to thrive.

Introducing After Therapy®:

Therapeutic coaching offerings focused on integrating tools, providing accountability, and continuing to heal as you learn who you are in this season of life.

You’ll work with a licensed provider who will offer guidance in the forms of safe nurturing, and an encouraging, intuitive nudge when appropriate.

After Therapy® is where you flourish.

Work 1x1 in a therapeutic coaching format with Becca to re-establish your foundation after a season of healing, form goals, mold your mind/body/spirit into who you really want to be, and receive advisory support with actionable tools.

Investment Options: 
Monthly Coaching —  4 payments of $188
Twice Monthly Coaching — 4 payments of $333

1:1 TherapEutic Coaching

Whether you are in a season of flux and feel untethered, or can’t seem to integrate everything you’ve healed and learned to move forward with the way you want to live your life — 

You need modern tools + personalized models. Here's all of our After-Therapy® offerings. 

After-Therapy® Programs

Therapeutic Human Design Reading

 Life-changing transformation doesn’t need to break the bank, your life, or your schedule.  Sign up for all 6 and save, or pick and choose what you need. 

Get one workshop for $17 or all 6 for $89

The Shift workshop series

In this reading we’ll talk about your energetic role in society, how you make decisions, and what areas of your life are most influenced by the people/things around you. You’ll leave having a greater sense of who you are.

60 minute Reading $222 

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 Our Self Help Book Club is here to connect you with other book lovers while diving deeper into the world of self help

$12 for 8 weeks

Next round starts in Fall 2024

The Self Help Book Club


1:1 Containers


Perfect for you if: 
  • You've had experience in therapy, been in therapy for a bit, or have recently "graduated" and what to figure out how you go from thinking /feeling to doing
  • You want 1:1 guidance and support from a licensed therapist and mental health professional  not some random coach on the internet
  • You are ready to explore wholistic practices and more direct feedback about your life
Perfect for you if: 
  • You're looking for a low-cost way to continue your healing journey
  • You're seeking self-paced and self-guided options that give you a sense of community
  • You are desiring to find people on a healing journey too 




You’ll get individualized support — whether in the form of nurturing or a nudge — that meets you where you are. 

You’ll experience the same 1:1 intentional support that you experienced in therapy with a new layer of direct guidance. Instead of working backwards to help you understand how you got here we will focus on propelling you forward.

Options of support all start in 3 month containers with option to continue:
  • Once a Month Coaching -  4 payments of $188 
  • Twice a Month Coaching - 4 Payments of $333 

All coaching 1x1 containers include 55 minute coaching sessions  + voxer follow up + homework/journal space + access to all shift-classes lead by Forward Healing After Therapy®

1:1 Therapeutic Coaching



human design READINGS


Human Design Readings

Human design can be an overwhelming science to learn on your own - I am here to simplify it. I take my background in psychology + psycho-therapy and translate it into your human design making it practical for life, work, and relationships.
 We’ll talk about your energetic role in society, how you make decisions, and what areas of your life are most influenced by the people/things around you. You’ll leave having a greater sense of who you are, how to run your business, and what tools might be supportive if you are ready to heal forward.

Investment: $222 for a  single 60 minute reading + recording + workbook
      Option to add on 3 coaching sessions over 3 months  additional $444




Change happens one small shift at a time. And we’re here to say that a life-changing transformation doesn’t need to break the bank, your life, or your schedule. 

The Shift is our 6-part workshop series, intentionally designed to be accessible, leave room for processing through real life application, and equip you with tools to navigate your ever-changing life.  

Sign up for all 6 and save, or pick and choose what you need. 
$89 for whole series, or $17 per workshop

The Shift Workshops




Are you ready to connect with a healing community designed to keep you moving forward?

Then you've come to the right place. Our Self Help Book Club is here to connect you with other book lovers while diving deeper into the world of self help. 

This group runs 3 times a year for 8 weeks. You'll connect through our circle platform over the 8 weeks to chat about what you are reading. Then at the end of the 8 weeks you have an option to meet in real life here is Salt Lake City or virtual if you live else else. 

Investment: $12

The Self Help Book Club

"Becca is incredible! Yes, she’s my therapist /coach but she also feels like a friend. The friend I’ve always needed who recognizes and sees things and parts about myself I never would have otherwise. She truly cares about her clients and her process is so thorough and focused. So incredibly thankful for her key role in guiding me through processing my traumas and understanding/accepting myself more.”

“Nobody likes talking about this stuff. Becca makes you feel comfortable and she is easy to talk to. She is really good at what she does, she’s a great listener and she knows her shit. Feeling grateful I found her”

“From our first session on Becca has made me feel seen and supported by creating a safe, compassionate space between us. Becca has a gift with intuition- I am constantly impressed by her ability to pick up on what’s stirring beneath the surface, from tiny details of word choice and tone, and gently guide me towards it. I am so grateful for her!”

“My journey with Becca has been the stuff of growth, gratitude, learning, hope and graveled in along all of the good things were the space to face the hard things that made it possible to become who I was meant to be. She's taught me so much about my heart, the universe, healing, personal empowerment and that no matter where you came from, it's never too late to change." 

“Becca never shies away from hard things, but she does so in a way that's meant to guide you gently and fearlessly so you come away from her sessions feeling stronger, rather than defeated. She is a constant light in my life and often credit her for the calm that I feel in my day. “

“Becca is a wonderful healer, connector and communicator. She helps hold the mirror so you can self-reflect, while educating you on how to navigate your specific attachment style and human design. Her kindness and motivational advice encourage you to be the best version of yourself and cultivate self-love. I recommend Becca to everyone!”

“My favorite thing about Becca is that she tells it like it is, in a way that is full of compassion and respect - she sees right through the BS. She is incredibly intuitive and always picks up on the subtlest shifts in energy and tone, asking questions that lead to a better understanding of yourself.”

“Doing a Human Design reading with Becca was validating, insightful, and safe. I felt really seen and understood, gained more awareness around what will feel best for me operating in the world, and got clear on what shifts I need to make to set myself up for success. I left with an unapologetic sense of what I want/need to be happiest, operate in my flow, and lean into what I'm really really good at. I recommend this for anyone seeking insight or answers as to why you operate the way you do or how you can help yourself.”

“I'm really grateful for the hard truths Becca pushed me to confront, and possibilities for growth that I'm moving towards. Her therapy methods were really effective and eye opening for me, and I am in such a better place because of it. I really don't think I would've ever had the courage to do some of the things I did if not for our relationship.”

“Becca is a great balance. She’s sweet and understanding, advocates for you against others and yourself. She also pulls in her education from therapy, mixed with new age ideas like Human Design, crystals, intuition and more.”

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Hi I'm Becca!

Forward movement requires modern ways of thinking. 

Which is why I combined my clinical training in psychotherapy models with holistic tools and spiritual practices to create my Forward Healing Model of Change®. With a commitment to show up in my humanness so you can too, I offer you permission to shift your patterns and propel yourself forward. 

I’m a Clinical Social Worker, Mental Health Therapist and Coach for wholeness seekers, trapped achievers, karmic breakers, family shakers, and emotional feelers, and the founder of Forward Healing, where we offer modern tools + personalized models for Therapy and After-Therapy®. 

Because we believe in a preventative approach to healing, which means wholeness doesn’t come from a diagnosis.

When you join  1:1  After Therapy® Coaching,  it looks like:
  • Having someone understand your therapy history but not dig it back up. Instead, you'll focus on taking the therapeutic wisdom you've cultivated, to reestablish your values and goals for who YOU are now
  • Receiving direct feedback while simultaneously having a safe space to explore your growth edges
  • Working with an experienced coach who intuitively follows cues and naturally guides you, and curates skills specifically for you 
  • Learning how to rebuild and redefine self trust, as you explore stepping into your humanness to intentionally build the life you want
  • Identifying a language to meet yourself in the present moment and take action towards your goals
  • Cultivating a space to build self trust in a coaching container built to meet you in the NOW

We’re so glad you asked

What does 1:1 After Therapy® look like?


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  • A foundation for you to continue to support yourself in healing forward - by being able to recognize when you are staying in certain areas of your life for comfort vs. when you need to start implementing change 
  • A tool box of rituals and practices that are curated for you by you, so that you can come back to them time and time again
  • Ways to continue to find movement long after you’ve felt stuck in the analysis phase of healing
  • Vulnerability to start trying because you have someone sees you NOW and supports you through accountability
  • The ability to trust yourself even in all the noise of life because you have a language, understanding, and sense of compassion for where you’ve been and where you want to go

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When you walk away from any format of After Therapy®,

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The Self-Love Reset Playlist


We know that when you feel stuck or alone we can offer you a reminder that you’re right where you should be. Listen to our Self-Love Reset playlist, guaranteed to help spark your love for yourself.